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The Ionicair purifiers or electrostatic air purifiers work by ionizing the air, imparting a positive or negative charge to particles in the air as they pass through the unit. These ionized particles are then removed from the air by one of two major methods. An ion generator imparts a charge to pollutant particles in the air, which then are attracted to and deposited on walls or furniture, or stick together and fall out of the air. More advanced ionic air purifiers use a principle called electrostatic precipitation to trap particles within the unit, collecting them on an oppositely-charged metal plate or sleeve, which must then be routinely cleaned. Either type of ionic air cleaner may also include a fan to help the air circulate, though many do not.

Newer studies have also revealed that Negative Ions have a particular affect on the brain and can have beneficial uses for those who suffer from depression, mood disorders and other nervous system disorders.

Sound too good to be true? Listen to Dr. Oz's take on it. He states on his website, "Your body’s cells naturally contain a negative charge. Meanwhile, irritating elements in the environment – dust, microbes, and pet dander, for example – tend to have a positive charge. Like a magnet, opposites attract, and your body literally pulls these irritating elements in toward itself, causing harm. Additionally, some researchers believe it’s not only the positively-charged dander and dust that are harmful, but the positive ions themselves that damage the body. And here’s the potentially scary thing: Common household and workplace objects like cell phones and computers constantly emit positive ions."

Luckily, we have dozens of negative ion generators and thousands in stock!


Ionic Air Purifier Electrostatic Air Purifier

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