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OzoneBoy Water Sanitation System Sink Faucets Attachment
OzoneBoy Water Sanitation System Sink Faucets Attachment
Atlas OzoneBoy battery free Water Purifier, sanitizer, ionizer that attaches Right onto Sink Faucets.PREMIUM WATER SANITATION SYSTEM.
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Product Description

Ozone Boy Premium Water Sanitation System

ozone boy water purifier
ozone boy water purifier

The OzoneBoy sanitation system connects with normal tap faucets to sterilize harmful contaminants in your water and improve your health. This self-powered water sanitizer can be used to eliminate viruses and bacteria to preserve the food you are washing. The water produced by the Ozone Boy is a must-have for thorough oral hygiene or sanitary pet washing and is a perfect appliance for any home. 

The Ozone Boy is the best option for sanitation purposes. It is easy to use and one of the rare few water sanitizers of its kind that requires no batteries or wiring. In the kitchen, the OzoneBoy is used to sanitize water you use to clean kitchen ware, baby bottles, toys and food. In restrooms, the water sanitized by this Ozone Boy is the most sanitary water for preserving soft and smooth skin when showering, shaving or cleaning oral bacteria. The OzoneBoy is also the only water sanitizer that will thoroughly bathe children and pets.

ozone boy water purifier and sanitizer

Have you ever considered how filthy your drinking water is?

Did you know that tap water is known to contain fluoride, chlorine, prescription drugs, lead, arsenic, and even radioactive contaminants? 

Do you really want to risk your health and that of your loved ones by not having the cleanest water possible? 

Well Atlas is here to help! 
Just as Atlas has provided air purifiers for better living, The Atlas Store is now bringing you The OzoneBoy, a quick and easy solution to the complex problem of water sanitation!


No batteries needed!

No plugs or wiring needed!

Deodorizes bad smells in food!

Easy to install and even easier to use!

Sterilizes more than 90% of bacteria and viruses!

important of water inoic
  • Power
    • Rated Power 3W.
    • Max Ozone Output 70mg/hr.
    • Generator is a three-phase alternator.
    • No extra wiring or batteries required!
  • Water Specifications:
    • Ozone Concentration of 0.2 - 0.3PPM.
    • Rated Pipe Water Pressure 0.13 - 0.45 Mpa.
    • Maximum waterflow rate 2.5 - 6 LPM.
    • Working temperatures of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.
    • Working humidity of 25% RH to 68% RH.
  • Product Size:
    • Size: 130 x 106 x 70 millimeters (5.1" x 4.2" x 2.8").
    • Weight: 306 grams (.67 lbs).
important of water inoic Water ionizer  
UPC: 859456002812
Reviews (1)
Name : Michelle
Location :
Title :
Review : WOWWW! I just installed this Water Sanitizer a week ago and ever since the first time my husband installed it, the water is fabulous and tastes amazingly great. It tastes like SOBE branded water bottles. It definitely works in purifying the filthy water from the tap.

Questions (1)
Does this make highly concentrated oxygen water?

This unit produces Ozonated water which has multiple use benefits. Below are the specific output details for the unit: Produces 0.7 grams per hour and can create an ozone residual of 0.15 to 0.3 ppm in water

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